Rules of play

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Please play nicely! here are a few rules:

  • Only children under the age of twelve may play in the frame
  • Parents are permitted in the play frame to assist their children
  • Remove shoes before entering the play area AND wear socks at all times (That includes the adults!)
  • Remove jewellery, badges and any share objects
  • No food, drink or chewing gum allowed in the play area
  • Don’t take valuables in the frame with you - leave with an adult, or put in lockers provided
  • No glassware should be taken into the play area
  • Children wearing spectacles or contact lenses are asked to take care
  • Clothes with ropes or cords should not be worn in the play frame area - so no super hero capes allowed!
  • Where possible, wear long sleeves and trousers to protect your arms and legs
  • If you child is feeling unwell, please do not let them in the play area
  • Children should use the toilets and wash their hands prior to entering the play frame area
  • It is forbidden to climb the netted walls or the frame
  • Balls or other objects should not be thrown
  • Children must not climb up the slide and must not be seated on parents’ lap to slide down
  • Children must not play in front of slide exits
  • Finally, fighting or bullying will not be tolerated, offending parties will be asked to leave; so please play nicely!

Please remember:

  • We provide members of staff who monitor the equipment and have access to first aid facilities. These staff are not provided to supervise children using the facilities
  • This play area is NOT supervised. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to watch the children under their care at all times, especially by the stairs and café
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises
  • No video equipment or cameras are to be used in the play area, only in allocated party rooms
  • Bermuda Adventure does not take liability for any losses, thefts or damages
  • Abuse towards our staff will not be tolerated
  • Management reserve the right to refuse entry